Play a Show

You're looking to play a show at the 2017 West Philly Porchfest? Great! We'll walk you through the process.


"I live in a house with a porch and I want to play on it"

This is the easiest way to play at Porchfest. Plus, you get to make your own lineup and invite your friends to open for you. Register your porch at Porchfest Registration Form. And if you need help rounding out the bill, check out the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook to meet other acts that would love to play on your porch.

"I don't have a porch but I still want to play"

We feel your pain. Some of the organizers don’t have porches, either. Here are some recommended ways to play a show.

  • Convince that West Philly friend with a porch to host you and other bands. It's a lot of fun and a great way to meet other people in the community!
  • Connect with show hosts looking for musicians over at Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook.

"What else should I know?"

Some things to consider:

  • Do you need electricity and extension cords?
  • If you have drums or a lot of gear for any acts... is there any gear sharing that can help save space and expedite transitions?
  • Where will the audience be standing and is there a place for some people to sit?
  • Have you told the neighbors? Even if the show isn’t on your porch, make sure everyone on the block knows about Porchfest, specifically that there will be music and a crowd on their block. Also be clear with everyone what kind of music they can expect (especially if the music will be loud or amplified).
  • All Porchfest shows are free BUT you can try to sell merch or make a soft ask for donations if people enjoyed the music. We do ask that you don’t physically pass a donation vessel or make a harder ask than just having a jar available if people feel moved to donate.