Host a Show

We heard you want to a host a show at the 2019 West Philly Porchfest. Awesome! If you have all the deets, fill out the Porchfest Registration Form. If you did this last year it’ll look very similar!

Register now!


"I have my show booked already!"

That's awesome! Once you have all the details hammered out, fill out the Porchfest Registration Form to let us know the address, time, and acts that are playing so that your show will be listed on the web and printed maps! You’re good to go! AND if anything changes you can also log into your gmail to change your submission (or email us at if that doesn’t work).

"I don't have a porch"

That's okay! Even if you don’t have a porch we can figure something out! Do you have a stoop? How about a tiny lawn or walkway leading up to your front yard? We can call those honorary porches for this one day. If you’re still struggling to figure out where the show can take place, you may have to call up your West Philly friends to see if you can host a show on their porch. If you’re still coming up short, check out the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook to meet people with porches that want to have shows on them! Team up to book the porch show of your dreams!

"I want to host but I need to book musicians"

We've got you covered. We created the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector Facebook Group for just this scenario. There you will find many excited musicians who would love to be asked to play a show on your porch. You can even post that you have a porch and let the musicians come to you!

"What else should I know?"

Once your show is booked and registered, you should think through all aspects of your porch show. Make sure to communicate with all of your performers so that they are clear on what is expected of them and so that you know what their needs are. Some things to consider:

  • Do any of the performers need electricity or extension cords?
  • Are the acts going to have drums or a lot of gear? Try to see if acts can share gear to help save space and expedite transitions.
  • Where is the audience going to stand and do you have extra chairs or a place for some people to sit?
  • Last year some people had water or other drinks for the audience, which was a lifesaver since the day did get hot!
  • Have you told the neighbors? Make sure everyone on your block knows about Porchfest, specifically that there will be music and a crowd at your house (make sure they know if the music is going to be amplified or loud). Maybe it’ll even inspire one of your neighbors to host a show on their porch!
  • All Porchfest shows are free BUT your acts can sell merch or make a soft ask for donations if people enjoyed the music. We do ask that you don’t physically pass a donation vessel or make a harder ask than just having a jar available if people feel moved to donate.